Raw Food Chef 2!

On the road again with my food partner and friend, Amy K. So far, it has been a great adventure in the car on the way to Creative Health Institute (http://www.creativehealthinstitute.com) in Union City, Michigan. So glad we’re pals, because this has been one LOOOONG car ride! :-).

Some of you know that we came up here last year and completed Raw Chef 1 where we really spent a lot of time learning about raw food and getting so many great recipes. (Even my husband was impressed, and he’s about as carnivore as they come…)

Well, this year we are working on our Raw Chef 2 certification, which will allow us to teach everyone how to create gourmet raw food dishes. On the way, we are making a pit stop in one of my favorite Amish communities in Shipshewana, Indiana to pick up organic spices and nuts.

Stay tuned this week for more updates on our adventures and a sneak peek at some cool stuff we’ll be whipping up in the kitchen later this summer. You will LOVE these recipes.

Have a great week!



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