Raw Chef day 2 – Creative Health Institute

As we were leaving Shipshewana this morning we stopped by E&S bulk foods to grab our Raw nuts and spices. But we couldn’t leave before we made a lunch stop at our favorite little restaurant, Garden Cafe.


Where we had lunch!

Lunch time!

When we arrived at CHI they had a fantastic assortment of raw food snacks ready for us to eat. They were YUMMY!


Then the 17 students divided up into groups where we all created a raw pad Thai. I would have to say, “ours was FANTASTIC”! We made ours extra spicy! All groups had to come up with a group name, so we decided on “The Spice Girls” since we all like spicy food.

Spice Girls!

Pad Thai…..mmmmmm….

After making the pad Thai and eating it for dinner we were then on to raw desserts. Each group did something different, and our group was assigned raw fudge cicles and raw macadamia caramel sauce. The fudge cicles are now freezing for our dessert tomorrow, but the macadamia caramel sauce went on top of the raw banana ice cream that another group made for dessert tonight.

Have I mentioned yet that we have had a yummy day?! If not, we have had a yummy tasting day! 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to teach you how to create these raw delicious foods. But for your pleasure I have included the raw pad Thai recipe.

Pad Thai recipe

If you have questions please leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for more to come straight from CHI!

Raw Chef 2!!


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