Raw Chef day 3

We awoke this morning to the sound of a clanging bell. That’s just the signal around here that it’s time to do whatever we have to do next. We were ready to create breakfast, because our stomachs were talking to us. Our raw breakfast included a mock Spanish omelette, mock dehydrated bacon, and olive tapenade. I know…. sounds unappetizing. But it was out of this world!

Blurry picture of us with breakfast

Mock Spanish omelette

After breakfast, we had a theory class on super foods which included wheat grass, micronutrients, and sprouts. It was very intriguing to learn about these powerful and healing foods!

Then it was time for us to create our amazing lunch, which was thai curry soup and a beautiful salad. The spices we used were curry, cayenne, garlic powder, and sea salt, and the base of the soup consisted of coconut milk from young coconuts. If you are interested in the recipe, comment below.

Thai curry soup

After lunch Amy and I were able to assist Master Raw Chef Yonne in a raw chocolate presentation. She made ganache out of coconut oil, raw cacao powder, and agave nectar. Wow! What great tasting chocolate. You will see pics below of Amy and I preparing raw ice cream sandwiches and the frozen pops we prepared the night before, which we dipped in the ganache. Can’t wait for the raw chocolate truffle presentation tomorrow. 🙂

Ice cream bars.

Preparing ice cream sandwiches

Later in the day Yonne prepared raw mock meet tacos for dinner followed by a workshop on how to teach raw food classes and how to build a raw food business.

After workshop we were pooped and it was time to catch some zzzzzzz’s. We have a long day tomorrow.

I have included the recipe for the Raw fudgesicles. Beware: they are really really good…

Raw fudgesicle recipe

Please stay tuned in for more of this raw food adventure…..



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