Raw Juice for a mission

Hello all!

So it is about time I share my story with you on how Pour Me Some Juice came into existence.  About a year ago my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt a child.  We have always known we wanted to adopt one day, so we prayed through it and thought now is the time.  About six months ago we were matched with a little boy from South Korea.  In the midst of waiting for him, we decided to develop a fundraiser for our adoption.  The fundraiser was juicing raw fruits and veggies for people.  Once I started juicing for about ten people, others became interested.  We then realized that people really wanted raw juice for health!

We’ve since decided to take Pour Me Some Juice from a small fundraiser and hobby, to Pour Me Some Juice, LLC.  This makes me SO excited, because raw food is my passion and I love helping people stay healthy and educating them on why it is important for us to eat our fruits and veggies!  We were on a mission!  We are putting the finishing touches on new bottling, labeling, and reaching out to sell this product around the region.

We also decided that since Pour Me Some Juice, LLC is helping us bring our little boy home, we want to do the same for other families who want to adopt.  Before long, Pour Me Some Juice, LLC will regularly make donations to organizations that help families adopt.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Pour Me Some Juice.  I have enjoyed making raw juice for you, and I am looking forward to continuing it for as long as you want it!  Happy Juice Day!

Glory be to our Lord,



9 thoughts on “Raw Juice for a mission

  1. Wow Tiffany!! I wondered why you were doing this since it’s got to be so much work!! Congratulations on your pending adoption!!
    Best wishes and Blessings on your incredible Pour Me Some Juice business!!
    Cindy Oliver

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