Detox/Juice cleanse Day 5

Hey, Hey!!!

Five days down and one more to go!!  Today was really good.  I felt great and had energy! My juice today was pure organic carrot juice.  It was so fresh tasting to me!  I ate raw throughout today… I am a creature of habit, so my meals consisted of the same things I have blogged about all week.  But here is the kicker… I have a confession to make,  I did cheat a little.  It was so worth it!  We attended Rose Creek Farms “Feast in The Field” tonight.  They served all of their CSA customers with a fabulous meal.  I ate raw massaged kale, a green tossed salad, and vegetable skewers.  I know you are thinking that I didn’t do so bad.  But where I really cheated is eating a little of the dessert.  I couldn’t resist!  It was  homemade ice cream made with raw cow’s milk.  The milk hadn’t been heated or pasteurized which means it was filled with lots of good bacteria and enzymes!! I didn’t eat a lot,  but I will have to tell you, I wanted to eat more!!!!  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Besides the ice cream episode I have done great!  =)  It is so nice to be a part of Rose Creek’s CSA program.  To learn more visit   We are looking forward to Rose Creek Farm growing all of our kale, collards, and beets for your juice!  It has been planted and will be ready for Pour Me Some Juice juices in a few weeks. Eat fresh.  Eat local.  It’s the way to go!  Night to you all!!


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