Our Juice Baby

Hi all!  I am a little embarrassed I have not blogged in a while.  It has been a crazy, busy time for me.  I have had so much fun juicing for all of you, creating meals and soon starting our gourmet raw food classes through UTM (Jackson campus)…. Check it out here…..www.utm.edu/departments/ecce/nondegree/rawfoods.php.  My co-worker Amy and I are beside ourselves excited about this class.  We can’t wait to educate people on how to make raw food taste like gourmet food.  It is transforming and oh so good for you!  I hope you will be able to check it out.  You will be getting a little juicing lesson in the class as well. =)

Ok, back on track.  The main purpose for this blog post is to introduce you to our little boy, Paul MinWoo Finney.  I recently on September 16th informed all of you why we juice and talked about our little boy in that blog post.  Please revisit it at http://pourmesomejuice.com/2012/09/16/raw-juice-for-a-mission/.  So I want all of you to remember as you drink your yummy raw juice, you have invested in helping bring this little boy home from South Korea.  Hoping and praying he will be with us in the spring! Thanks to all of you who desire to drink raw juice for many different reasons.  I count it joy and a blessing to be able to juice for you!  MEET PAUL…. Isn’t he a cutie pie!  I am a proud mama!


12 thoughts on “Our Juice Baby

  1. He is adorable, can’t wait to see him I know you and Lowe are so tickled to have him in your life to give some of that love to. I know you two will make great parents.

  2. I am so excited that you and Lowe are going to be parents. Nothing is more rewarding. I know you both will do a wonderful job!

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