“Pour Me Some Juice”…Moving Right Along!

We have some GREAT news to share with all of you!  “Pour Me Some Juice” has come to the next level.  As of January 17 we will be in a certified kitchen with our own BPA free bottles and labels.  This has been a long road to finally get to this point.  We have finally arrived to what we have been working towards.  As of right now you can e mail me at tiffany@pourmesomejuice.com or facebook me at  http://www.facebook.com/PourMeSomeJuice and I will send you juice program information.  You can place your orders through e mail or facebook.  Eventually you will be able to order your raw juice on-line.  This is our next step.

We would like to thank all of you for your support and patience.  Thanks to our friends and family who have helped us a long the way with their support and prayers.

Please see our new bottles and labels below….

Bottles are here!

Bottles are here!

         Here you go!

Here you go!



6 thoughts on ““Pour Me Some Juice”…Moving Right Along!

  1. I love it! You go girl! God always blesses those who push with all their might to fulfill all their dreams! I am super proud of you!

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