Well we survived, we survived, we survived!!  My day started at 3:30am alarm went off, I hopped out of the bed, excited about our first day in the certified kitchen with our new bottles/labels.  I was smiling as I was getting ready and thinking about how perfect the day was going to be.  As I was leaving, I locked the door and all of the sudden out of nowhere the house alarm started going off.  It was SO loud; I think I woke up the whole neighborhood.  I ran in the house to turn it off and answer the phone so our alarm people would call off dispatch for the police to come.  I think I scared my husband and animals half to death.  So needless to say this whole episode put me behind a good 15 minutes.  But with this happening, I still thought to myself….. Nothing can get me down! Little did I know it was an indication of how the rest of the morning would go.

I met my great friend and life savior, Jill Clark at the certified kitchen.  It was so wonderful to have her helping hand!  She plugged my juicer in so we could get started and all of the sudden, she said “OH NO… your juice plug just broke and the juicer will not work.”  So I, in complete save-the-day mode, was racking my brain as to who had a juicer like mine.  It was 4:30 in the morning.  I hung up on my husband and sent a text to my friend Melody to ask if I could borrow her juicer.  Right away she text me back.  I mean at 4:30 in the morning… really, how in the world did she hear my text message when she was sound a sleep?   I was very thankful she came through with her juicer.  Jill went and picked it up, this put us behind 30 minutes.

At this point I am still thinking, it’s all good and nothing else can happen to get us down.  Since we were so behind schedule, I text my friend and raw chef partner Amy Koerner to ask if she could come release Jill at 6:00am.  I thought to myself, she will never hear the text, because she turns her phone off at night, well out of nowhere, she text me back.  So Amy came and I was very thankful for her help!

Amy left at 8:30 and I was still juicing and trying to get finished.  I was on a schedule and had a deadline of when I needed to be out of the kitchen and have juices delivered.  At 10:00, I text everyone to let them know there juice would be late getting to the drop off locations.  At 11:30, I was finally leaving to drop off.  You have to know that normally it takes me 4.5 hours to juice for as many orders as I had, but this morning took me 7 hours.  I was freaking out and I know my anxiety level was WAY up.  As I got in my car to take the juice I BROKE down…. I started crying uncontrollably.  I think I broke down for a lot of reasons.  This was a BIG day that we had been working towards for 10 months.  It didn’t flow as I planned and I was SO thankful to be finished so I could drop off all the orders.  This was the verse I claimed for this day….. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Phil. 4:13

In all new things there are challenges and hard times, but through this I learned that no matter what, you work through those times the best you can.  All juices got delivered and everyone got their raw healthy juice, in their newly labeled juice bottles.  All I have to say is after this kind of morning; I am ready for our next juice day! BRING IT ON!

Thanks to all of you for your support and and patience through this process.  God is good and we know His hand is in all of this! He will continue to guide and direct our steps!  We do plan to have ordering take place on line by mid February or 1st of March.  So until we get there, ordering will be through e-mail at tiffany@pourmesomejuice.com

Thanks again for your support and business!  Blessings to you all!!



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