Hello all!  I am glad you have chosen to view my blog.

I am a health coach!  As a Raw Food Chef and nutrition counselor who is passionate about how raw foods can heal the body, I help people develop a healthy mindset in choosing healthy foods.  I am a Certified Yoga instructor and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer who loves teaching people the relaxation aspects of yoga and helping people reach their fitness goals.

I am a Christian and love what the Bible says about taking care of our bodies and minds!

This blog is about my Raw juicing venture and much, much more!  Sit back and enjoy what is to come!



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Tiffany I am excited about your blog! Love people in Jackson that use their knowledge to help teach the importance of healthly living and the benefits of taking care of our bodies. You rock!
    Abbie Allen

    • Hi sweet friend! WHen you are on my main page, to the right midway down it has a button that reads follow. Punch on the follow button, then you can sign up. =) Let me know if you still can’t figure it out and I will call you, we can talk through it. 😉

  2. Do you have a store, and where are you located? I read the excellent article about your business in VALIDITY magazine, and I would love to visit your facility. I am a health and wellness teacher and a personal trainer, and my experience with juicing is absolutely convincing and lifechanging! Just this morning, I talked with my husband about juicing and wondered where I might find a “professional juicer” that would save me time. No doubt, the Holy Spirit directed me to pull this particular magazine from a pile of “farm journals” that had been stacked for my sweet spouse’s reading enjoyment! JB

    • Jan,

      Hi there! I am so glad the Lord brought you to Validity mag so you could read about Pour Me Some juice. Where are you located? We are located in Jackson, Tennessee and do not have a store front. I have several juice programs, I send through e mail for people to review and then they order which ever works best for them. I am a raw food chef, wellness coach and personal trainer and I write juicing/wellness programs for people if you are interested. We are not just yet shipping, but are trying to get there. Please let me know how I can be of assistance. Please feel free to contact me at 731-695-4935 for further questions. I hope you have a very blessed week!


  3. Hey Tiffany,
    I heard about your juices through a lady I go to church with/ nanny for. I was very interested in learning more about your products. I live in Jackson, TN as well. My email is dmt51090@gmail.com. If you could send me some details I would really appreciate that. God bless!
    Dawn Tomlinson

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