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I want to tell you how much I value your privacy and to thank you for choosing to spend time with me on this blog. This blog is meant to be informative and fun! In making it so, I allow people to comment and will from time to time by sending you information about juicing.

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11 thoughts on “General Info.

  1. Where is your store located and do u sale the juice online I am interested in the Detox 6 and veggie root I juice at home a few days a week but don’t know the cleanse recipes Thanks

    • Hi Kolonda!

      Where are you located? I do sell the juice and have a 6 day cleanse as well as a 3 day cleanse. We are not at the point where we can ship yet, but will get there soon. I would love to help you in any way that I can. I am also a raw food chef and a wellness coach. I do write raw food/juice programs for people and would be glad to do this for you if you are interested. Blessings to you!


  2. I am located in Hohenwald Tn and i work in Columbia Tn I juice a few days a week but am interested in a good detox/cleanse juice i am currently using kale/carrots/green apples/lemon and i want t know more info on the 3 day cleanse…Thank you

  3. i am also interested in more info on the 3 day cleans…you can call me at 731 394 8682, i am carol perkins or email me at crlsipes@yahoo,com.thank you

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