Fun in the sun! Introducing our new Creamsicle Juices.

Pour Me Some Juice has now created three new juices that are targeted towards the kiddos, but for any age.  We are excited to introduce our new creamsicle juices.  Our creamsicle juices are amazing fruit juice combinations combined with our yummy almond milk to give it that creamy consistency. Starting July 16 we will have the following juices for order.  Red Pineapple Creamsicle: pineapple, lime, beets, almonds, purified water, honey and vanilla.  Summerlicious Creamsicle:  pineapple, orange, lemon, almonds, purified water, honey and vanilla. Lastly, Orange Creamsicle: Oranges, almonds, purified water, honey, vanilla.  You can drink these for a great creamy juice or you can freeze into a healthy, yummy popsicle.  These juices come in 16 oz. units only.  They are $8.50 per unit or three for $24.50.  Get your order in for these great creamy treats!



Let’s welcome back the “Pink Lady”

Last year I created a seasonal summer watermelon juice and – let me just tell you!– it is   Y-U-M-M-Y! It is now back and better than ever!  It will be available for order July 16 until watermelons are out of season, which is around the first of September.  This juice consists of watermelon, cucumber, lemon and lime.  If you like watermelon, you will love “Pink Lady”!  Watermelons are very alkalizing and great for your cells, bladder and digestive track.  So get your orders in for this delicious juice. =)  It tastes great!


My Daddy, Daniel Cornelius Staggs

Father’s Day is a bittersweet day for me.  It is a day to celebrate and honor dads.  For me, it is a day to honor and remember my dad.  My daddy went home to be with our Savior  this year,  April 3.  So on this father’s day I will share about my wonderful daddy, what he meant to me, and his testimony. I am so glad to share his story as he is not here to tell it, but I know he would want me to.

From the time I was a little girl, daddy taught me not to be a judgmental person and to love others more than myself.  He taught me to be kind and compassionate to others and to be a good listener.  He taught me to make everyone with whom I come into contact to feel welcome.  He taught me that material stuff shouldn’t matter and make me happy, but family should ultimately be the most important thing.  He taught me to love well and to laugh often.

My dad was a man of great character.  His name fit him well.  The biblical meaning of dad’s name is very powerful.  Daniel meant “God is my judge”.  Daniel (a prophet) was a follower of God and was persecuted for believing in God.  Cornelius was the first gentile to convert to Christianity and believe in God.  Daddy portrayed so many godly characteristics, but he actually didn’t become a follower of Christ until his last days on this earth.

When I first found out that my daddy had terminal cancer, it wasn’t the illness that made me sad and weep, it was that my daddy had not converted to christianity and given his life to the Lord.  I was afraid for his soul.  I am a Christ-follower and have been since the age of 13.  Since then I have prayed for my daddy to trust, know, and love Christ.  Up to my dad’s illness I had not seen fruit of my many prayers.  But throughout the three and a half weeks that daddy was sick up until his death we had many talks, and daddy said he knew Jesus.  I trusted that he had, but Romans 10:9 says that if we believe in our hearts that Jesus died for our sins and confess Jesus is Lord, we will be saved.  So I always wanted to hear that come from my dad’s mouth.

Daddy passed from this earth twice and came back to us.  The very last time he came back to us dad confessed his belief in Jesus and forgiveness of his sins out loud.  I believe the Lord allowed that to happen for my family’s peace and comfort.  I believe with all my heart that dad had made peace with the Lord months before his death.

A friend stated to me throughout the process of dad’s death, “There is so much we don’t know about the transitions and loss of loved ones.”  I believe this, but as someone who reads and believes in the Bible, I believe as the Word tells me, that I will see my dad in heaven one day. This is ultimately what gives me and our family great peace that passes all understanding.

I am thankful for God’s saving grace and his mercy amazes me!

May God get the glory through the death and new life of my sweet, precious daddy.


I’m Back!

Hello all!

I need to apologize to my followers. I am so sorry I have not blogged in a while.  I lost my precious daddy April 3rd and have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I am going to tell you more about him later this summer. He was the best daddy in the world, and he loved this juice! (except for the green ones 😉 )

But I am now back and ready to share my love for juice and raw foods with you!

We have some exciting things coming this summer.  We are working very hard at launching a new children’s juice line and our seasonal juice, “Pink Lady” (watermelon and lime) will be starting back the middle of June or the first of July.

I want to extend a special thanks to Margaret Brinson at The Jackson Sun for writing a story on Pour Me Some Juice and sharing about our story.

Click here for story.

Thanks to all who choose “Pour Me Some Juice”!

April juice sign ups

It’s almost April, I can’t believe it!

3 day juice cleanse dates available- April 3-5; 5-7; 10-12; 12-14; 17-19; 19-21; 24-26; 26-28

6 day raw food and juice cleanse is available April 2-7; 9-14; 16-21; 23-28; 30-5



Quality we stand by….

Hello all!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!  Pour Me Some Juice had a great week.  We are sad that we were only able to provide you with juice one time this week.  I had some meetings in Nashville discussing Pour Me Some Juice and Wholey Chow!  It may be something I share with you in the near future.  The Lord has been so good and I am praying He will continue to open doors for PMSJ and Wholey Chow.  Thanks to all of you who have signed up for a juice cleanse or a juice program this month.  Thanks to Lasha King, Amy Koerner, Jill Clark and Megan Baily who have worked very hard this past month to help provide you with yummy, raw, unheated, unprocessed, unpasteurized juice!

With all of that said…. I would like to talk about the produce we use.  I have had a lot of questions about if we use organics or not.  Throughout my studies, I have learned that choosing organic produce is very important when you are eating a thin-skinned piece of fruit or vegetable.  The thicker-skinned produce are not as important to be organic as the thinned-skinned.  The reason being, the thicker the skin, the more difficult it is for the chemicals/pesticides to reach the produce.  Pour Me Some Juice uses the dirty dozen philosophy when it comes to using organic or non organic.   See the dirty dozen list here:

All of our thinned-skinned produce is organic, and the thick-skinned is not.  So I would have to say that about 85 percent of our produce is organic.

We try and buy our produce local whenever it is in season from Rose Creek Farms, Jackson Farmers Market.  When it is out of season or we can’t get it in Tennessee, these are the local/non-local businesses we use: Bulk Natural Foods (Where we buy all of our organic almonds), Azure Standard (non-local-small family, Oregon based business), and McCartney Produce.   I hope this helps all of you to know where we get the food you are drinking. =)

Stay tuned…. My next blog post will on the benefits of drinking your fruits and veggies

Blessings to you all!  Happy week!

Gourmet Raw Food Classes

Hello all!

Amy and I are gearing up for our next round of raw food classes through UTM, Jackson, Selmer and Ripely areas.   They include a two hour “Raw Food 101,” a two hour “Gourmet Raw Desserts,” and a four hour “Hands on Raw Food”.  We will have some juicing demos in Raw Food 101 and talk about the best juicers to use.  Please see the link below for signing up for a class and for class descriptions.  If you are interested in private or group raw food classes, please shoot me an e mail at   We will also do small dinner parties upon request.  Thank you and I hope we will see you at one of our classes!


Tiffany =)